Pearl Abyss Gear
구루컴퍼니 로고


Gurucompany is
one of the leading manufacturer of Content IP-oriented
merchandise in Korea. ​

We’ve been working with Pearl Abyss, Blizzard Korea, Smilegate, Com2us, YLAB, Storywiz,known as Top-tier IP holder of Korea since 2019.​

구루컴퍼니 로고
구루랑 로고


a global commerce platform optimized
for content IP-oriented MD business. ​

We provide a variety of services specialized in the commercialization of content IP,such as crowdfunding, global shipment, and digital coupon issuance/payment.​

구루랑 로고
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Company Name : Guru CompanyCEO : Jae Jin Lee, Won Hyeok ChoiBusiness Registration Number : 167-86-01247
Personal Information Protection Officer : Lee Jae Jin
2nd floor, Younggyeong Building, 45 Bongeunsa-ro 68-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Pearl Abyss Corp. entrusted the authority to produce and sell licensed products to Guru Company Co., Ltd. Guru Company Co., Ltd. is responsible for all products and transactions. ~ FRI : 10:00 ~ 19:0(GMT + 9)Lunch Time : 12:00 ~ 13:00Closed on Sat, Sun & Holidays